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Fri, 02 Aug 2013, by Adamovič Jiří:

Field seminars in granites and sandstones
As I promised at the Speleological Congress in Brno, I am sending you an info on two field seminars focused on geology and geomorphology, organized by Jan Mertlík (

Jizerky 2013
This seminar is focused on granitic landforms in the Jizerské hory Mts., including scree slopes, talus caves and rock basins (kamenitzas), which are all well developed in this region. Time: September 11-13, 2013. Venue: Mariánskohorské Boudy near Josefův Důl, NW of Tanvald.

Klokočky 2013
This seminar is focused on sandstone geology and geomorphology in the Bohemian Paradise area: ponors and resurgences, tectonic deformations, concretions and caves. Time: October 2-4, 2013. Venue: Bohemian Paradise PLA Administration, Dvořákova 294, 511 01 Turnov.

Expected numbers of participants are 10-20, field trips will prevail over lectures. It can be expected that the dominant language spoken will be Czech but contributions in other languages are also welcome. :-) No forward registration or payment is needed, however, if you plan to come, please leave a message with Jan Mertlík (see e-mail address above).
Best regards,

Dear friends of pseudokrast phenomena and sandstone geomorphology, cavers,

 allow me to inform you on the pseudokarst activities associated with the 16th International Congress of Speleology to be held in Brno, Czech Republic on July 21-28, 2013,

 By the decision of the Organizing Committee, this theme is divided into two sessions:

 Session 5. Karst, Pseudokarst and Caves in Other Rocks; here, „other rocks“ means non-carbonate rocks like granites or volcanic rocks. This session is convened by Pavel Bosak and Michal Filippi.

 Special Session 4. Sandstone Landscapes; a forum to discuss caves and superficial weathering forms on sandstone. This session is convened by Rudi Pavuza and Jiri Adamovic.

 Besides, two congress excursions are specifically aimed at sandstone geomorphology and speleogenesis:

 Pre-Congress Excursion B3PL Non-karst caves in the siliciclastic-clayey flysch of the Outer Carpathians (Poland): July 16–20, 2013, organized by Jan Urban

 Post-Congress Excursion A8CZ Sandstone caves and rock cities of Bohemia (Czech Republic, Poland): July 29–August 3, 2013, organized by Jiri Adamovic

 The registration for the Congress was opened in August this year and the deadline for the best-rate registration is January 31, 2013. The deadline to register for the excursions is April 1, 2013. In the case of any problems, please contact

 If you wish to present a paper, please note that the deadline for the submission of the papers is very close: December 17, 2012. In the case of any delay, it is advisable to contact the registration office at the above e-mail address or the convenor of the session you are submitting your paper to.

 As the leader of the post-congress „sandstone excursion“, I am enclosing a PDF with additional information on this event.

 Have a good time in the last weeks of 2012,

 Jiri Adamovic 

2012/04 Sandstone Landscapes III conference, 25-28 April 2012

Stolowe Mountains National Park, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland
Infos by Jiri Adamovich (CZ): "This is the third meeting of its kind (Doubice, Czech Republic in 2002 and Vianden, Luxembourg in 2005) addressing sandstone geology, geomorphology, vegetation patterns and nature conservation. Note that a post-conference field trip to the Czech sandstone „rock cities“ is also planned!"
Details see at Second Circular
2011/06 2nd International Conference on Granite Caves, Sweden 2011, June 1-4th (Post-Symposium Excursion - June 5-7th)

Venue: Nynashamm, 50 south of Stockholm
Schedule: First Circular: March 2010, Registration - still possible, Second Circular - October 2010, Abstracts - February 2011,
Symposium - June 2011

Symposium all-included - ca 300 Euro, Post-Symposium Excursion - ca 300 Euro.
The registration form and details:

Organizers, contacts:
Nils-Axel Morner - morner(at)
Rabbe Sjoberg - rabbe.sjoberg(at)
Sven Gunvall - sven.gunvall(at)
2007/09 International Labour Conference "Pseudokarst root structures in caves and rock overhangs"
Place, time: Teplice nad Metuji (CZ) 21.-23.09.2007
Organizer: Ceská speleologická spolecnost, club Broumov 5-03 (J. Kopecky)
Participants: 25 persons from 4 Nations (A, CZ, D, PL)
Report: in A4 format with 14 pages (36% English, 36% German, 28% Czech)
2007/09 International Conference on caves in granite
Place, time: A Corufta (E) 17.-22.09.2007
Organizer: Clube Espeleóxico "Maüxo", Vigo and institutes Universitario de Xeoloxia, A Corufla (M. Vaqueiro - JRV Romani)
Participants 30 people from 13 nations (B, BR, D, E, FIN, GR, H, NL, RA, S, SK, U.S., YU)
Summaries: B5 in the format with 46 pages (100% English)
Program and Exkursionsführer: B5 in the format with 45 pages (100% English)
Proceedings: The edition is in preparation
1998/09 International working meeting "caves in the sandstone and granite"
Place, time: Bayreuth (D) 03.-06.09.1998
Organizer: cave research group "Blaustein, Hemsbach & University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth (T. Striebel)
Participants: 16 persons from 5 Nations (B, D, E, H, NL)
Proceedings: Vol. 15 in the notification issue of the Group "Blaustein" in A4 format with 53 pages (52% German, 48% English)
1995/08 International working meeting "Preserving Pseudokarst of Caves"
Place, time: Salgotarjan (H) - Rimavska Sobota (SK) 16-19 08 1995
Organizer: Hungarian Vulkanspeleological collective, Isztimer & Chránená krajinná oblast Cerová vrchovina, Rimavska Sobota
(I. Eszterhäs - E. Gaäl)
Participants: 25 persons from 5 Nations (CZ, D, H, SK, UA)
Proceedings: in A5 format with 136 pages (50% Slovak, 21% English, 10% Hungarian, 9% German, 7% Czech, 3% Russian)
1992/07 Working meeting "research, documentation and protection of the root stalagmites"
Place, time: Teplice nad Metuji (CZ) 12.-14.07.1992
Organizer: Ceská speleologická spolecnost, club Broumov 5-03 (J. Kopecky)
Participants: from the Czech Republic and D
Report: in A4 format with 12 pages (50% Czech, 50% German)