The Newsletter

The Newsletters ("Nachrichtenbrief") of the Pseudokarst Commission have been published two times a year since 1998 and distributed among the members of the Commission and people interested in its activity by normal post. You find the copies here as PDF-Files. The main Editor of the issues No. 1 -19 was István Eszterhás.

Since the 20th issue the editors are Jan Urban, Rudolf Pavuza and Christa Pfarr.

Since No 22 (2011) the Pseudokarst Commission Newsletter is published one time a year, so it is yearly journal.

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The numbers will be published and distributed mainly by internet.
The printed copies will be distributed by Rudolf Pavuza (Vienna). To contact him look at Members.

Some informations for authors:

If you have new ideas, explore new caves, study interesting forms, phenomena, biota in pseudokarst caves or areas, prepare the project of these kind of investigations, please share this information with us - readers of the "Newsletter". Please, send the short paper (1-3 pages) with nice picture(s), reporting or discussing your data, activity or ideas.

The papers should be send in WORD file (text: letters 12, line spacing 1,5) and JPG or CORELDRAW 9 (pictures) to the address: urban(at)
The materials should have a title and full names and addresses of authors. If the number of received materials is larger, than the volume of the issue, some of them will be automatically transfered to the next Newsletter

Jan Urban
President of Commission on Pseudokarst UIS