Publications on Pseudokarst

Although the internet is now the medium commonly used for getting information, the publications have been still the most reliable “hard copies” gathering and preventing our knowledge and results of scientific achievements. Since the half of the 20th century a lot of materials concerning non-karst caves and other pseudokarst or “close-to karst” forms have been published, and they are (will be) noticed on this page.

Please, share your information on books, papers and other materials on pseudokarst on this page and send them to hartmut.simmert(at)

Date Content
2023/07 14. International Pseudokarst Symposium - Proceedings - coming soon ...
2023/05 14. International Pseudokarst Symposium - Abstracts
2023/05 14. International Pseudokarst Symposium - Guidebook
2022/07 Pseudokarst-Caves in Lower Saxony in Germany (by Andreas Hartwig)
2015/10 Proceedings of the 13. International Pseudokarst Symposium (Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem, Czechia 2015)
2012/08 Proceedings of the 11. International Pseudokarst Symposium (Saupsdorf, Germany 2010)

A very interesting Pseudokarst – Volcanspeleology – Planetary Geology/Speleology article in the February issue of the NSS News.

Photos and map by Gerald Favre, Text by William R. (Bill) Halliday: "Hawaii’s Wood Valley Pit Crater: A Terrestrial Analog of Martian Dilational (Extentional) Fault Caves"

(Information from Georg Szentes via email)


Proceedings of the 10. International Pseudokarst Symposium (Gorizia, Italy 2008)

2004/05 Proceedings of the 8. International Pseudokarst Symposium (Teply Vrch, Slovakia 2004)
1998/12 Geodiversity of pseudokarst caves as the reason for their scientific importance and motive of protection


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