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11. Symposium  (Symposium on Pseudokarst in Germany)  12.-16.05.2010

Saupsdorf, Elbe-Sandstone-Mountains ("Saxon Swizerland", near Dresden), Germany
Organizer: Hoehlen- und Karstforschung Dresden e.V., (H. Simmert)
Participants: 55 participants (including 15 by the organizing club) from 10 countries (Austria, Czech Rep., Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden)
Field trip guide (excursion guide) in A5 format with 35 pages (english and german version)
Summaries/abstracts in A4 format with 50 pages (english version)
Proceedings: Download as PDF-File



picture of the proceedings of the 11. symposium on preudokarst

The volume of abstracts will be published in English under:

Participants at the venue in Saupsdorf

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