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14. Symposium  (Symposium on Pseudokarst in Poland)  24. - 27.05.2023

In Hybrid Mode:
Centre of Training and Education of the Stołowe Mountains National Park in Karłów (Sudetes, Poland)
and Online

Organizer: UIS Pseudokarst Commission - Jan Urban, Stowarzyszenie Geomorfologów Polskich, University of Wrocław, Institute of Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences (Kraków), Stołowe Mountains National Park, The Administration of Protected Landscape Area Broumovsko
Participants: 38 participants from 10 countries
Field trip guide and summaries: Abstracts - Guidebook
Proceedings: (in progress)

Information at

A report from Rudi Pavuza about the 14. Symposium you find in newsletter No. 31

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