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Slovak Cave Administration

Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

Slovak Caves Administration was established in 1970 for the management of 12 show caves and since 2002 for the care and protection of all 5,500 caves in Slovakia. Since 1995 pseudokarst caves in Slovakia were gradually researched, mainly in volcanic mountains as Polana, Krupinska planina, Stavnicke vrchy and Cerova vrchovina Mts. In Cerova vrchovina the 1st syngenetic volcanic-exhalation Ebeczky Cave was documented and in Pohansky hrad hill 31 crevice and talus caves originated by slope movement were discovered. The longest of them is the Stlpova Cave (182 m). Another volcanic exhalation cave named Sezam was documented in young basalt agglomerate of the Stiavnicke vrchy Mts. Very interesting are the tree mould caves known from andesite conglomerates and rhyolite tuffs as well.

Especially considerable are the researches realized by members of Slovak Speleological Society in sandstone of Spiš area in the north-eastern part of Slovakia. Pod spišskou Cave was discovered along the gravitational crevice in the Paleogene sandstones with the total length of 740 m.

There are more than 180 caves in non-carbonate rocks known in Slovakia originated by gravitational processes, volcanic exhalations, weathering etc. occurring in basalt, andesite, rhyolite, sandstone, granite, quartzite and shale.

In 2004, the 8th International Symposium on Pseudokarst was organized by Slovak Caves Administration in the Teply Vrch village with the excursions to Pohansky hrad hill and to Krupinska planina Mts.

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