Clubs, Scientific Centres, Institutions and other Groups active in Pseudokarst Explorations and Researches

Many speleoclubs, scientific centers and other groups explore and/or investigate the non-karst caves, as well as landforms and phenomena resembling karst or partly related to karst. Every these groups should have possibilities to change data, views and opinions on these specific objects, so as to developed their knowledge and experience. This is why, we ask all of you to present your groups and results of your activeness here.

Please send your “CV” to


Beskidy Caving Club  Republic of Poland, Dębica
Bielsko-Biała Alpine Caving Club “Speleoklub” Republic of Poland
Clube Espeleolˇxico Ma˙xo (CEM) Kingdom of Spain
Commission of Speleology and Karstology of the Russian Geographic Society Russian Federation
Czech Speleological Society Czech Republic
Hoehlen- und Karstforschung Dresden e.V. Federal Republic of Germany, Dresden
Institute of Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences Republic of Poland, Krakˇw
Museum of Natural History Republic of Austria, Vienna
Slovak Cave Administration Slovak Republic, Liptovsky Mikulas
"Sziklaorom" Climbing and Caving Club Republic of Hungary
Volcanspeleological Collective Republic of Hungary
Instituto Universitario de GeologÝa (Corunna University) Kingdom of Spain
Czech Academy of Science Czech Republic
Orcus Club Czech Republic