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Instituto Universitario de Geología of the Corunna University, Corunna, Spain

Founded in 1940, the Instituto Universitario de Geología "Isidro Parga Pondal" is a public organization dedicated to teaching and research in the geology of the Quaternary terrains of Iberian Peninsula with special emphasis on geomorphological, sedimentary, paleontological aspects. Due to the prevalence of granitic terrains, in the last 30 years the Institute has directed part of its research on the development of caves in granitic terrains from the generation and evolution of the caves till the formation of speleothems (pigotite, opal-A, evansite-bolivarite, struvite, etc.) and their relation with climate and life inside these caves. Also, it has studied the human habitats in granitic caves in the NW of Iberia. As result of this work, many books and papers in national and international journals have been published.

Phone number: 0034981167000 extension 2910.

Postal address: Instituto Universitario de Geologia
Campus de Elviña s/n.
15071 Corunna, Spain

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