The Pseudokarst Commission (Commission du Pseudokarst) is a commission of the Union Internationale de Spéléologie (UIS), founded during the International Congress of Speleology in August 1997 in Switzerland , owing to the initiative and attempts of the Jiri Kopecký and István Eszterhás. Now they are both the Honorary Presidents of the Commission.

Participants 2015
The participants of the 13. Symposium in September 2015
Kuncice pod Ondrejnikem - Czech Republic -
(Author: Jan Lenart)

The main objectives of the Pseudokarst Commission is organisation of the international Symposia on Pseudokarst and other events and meetings dedicated to the pseudokarst, as well as promotion and stimulation of activeness in the exploration and scientific studies of the non-karst caves and pseudokarst features. The Pseudokarst Commission has publicated the “Newsletter” (“Nachrichtenbrief”) two times a year.

Merlins Cave Sandstone near Hastings Black Rock
Merlins Cave at Tintagel Castle
Cornwall (South England)
Sandstone like Elbe Sandstone Mountains,
but in Hastings (South England)
Black Church Rock at low tide
Mouthmill Cove, Devon (South England)